Month: December 2012

  • Wonderful Christmas

    My wife and I had a very wonderful Christmas with both sides of the family and with Jesus.  We celebrated mass three times —  in the evening on Christmas eve, midnight mass, and morning mass on Christmas day.  You cannot celebrate the birth of Christ so much because it is a wonderful miracle that God became man.

    During the four weeks before Christmas, we prepared for Christmas by daily meditations and participating in the Advent tradition.  There were many reflections and meditations which we found very helpful and beneficial, especially relating to the hope that is in Christ Jesus, the peace that is in Christ Jesus, the patience that is in Christ Jesus, and the love that is in Christ Jesus — all relating to waiting for the celebration of His birth as well as anticipating His second coming.  There is hope in knowing that He will come again.  There is peace in knowing that He will bring it when He does.  It was a really a test of patience having to deal with talking about Christmas for a month and waiting for it to arrive — all that anticipation made the celebration much much more meaningful this year.  And, of course, we learned more about His love through the meditations and reflections during the Advent season.  It was a great experience and we think we will incorporate Advent into our traditions.

    We had a lot of fun this December!

    May the Christmas Season continue to be with you all!