June 9, 2013

  • Another Encounter

    Last Friday night, my wife and I went to our church to start adoration, which just start for the first Fridays of each month.  She had been praying for adoration to start at our church for some time.  Adoration is a Catholic term for adoration the body of Christ, which we believe the bread to be truly the body of Christ because Jesus Himself says that it is.  

    When my wife and I left the church, a demonic influenced person came up to me right away, out of all the people who left the church at the same time.  Understand one thing, many people left the church at the same time that I did and this person came up to me (this is a common occurrence in my life, the ones influenced by the demons like to interact with me because they know I know.  It happens often in the Bible too, the ones influenced by demons come to Jesus and talk to Him.  It is no different here.  They recognize us and we recognize them.).

    The person came up to me right away and bothered me (and, yes, it is targeted).  The person told me his name, asked for my name, asked for money, followed me, repeated himself many times.  He started to mock my authority in Christ Jesus, knelt down to me, followed me on his knees through a public sidewalk into the private parking lot, and begged me for money.  He said, “Your bother needs help.  Your bother is needs money.”  I saw right through it all, the kneeling down was the demonic mocking the kingship of Christ Jesus and the brothers of Christ.  I sensed the presence of a demon.  Not to mention, he already acknowledged who I am and my authority in the spiritual realms.  I just tried to tell the person that he was thinking illogically and was repeating the same things again and again, but the person wasn’t paying attention to my logic.  An appeal to his human side was not working, so I had to address the demon, which wasn’t something I was planning on doing.  And, as illogical as he is, you will notice that he will respond to my placing boundaries on him or more accurately on the demon influencing him.

    When the person touched me, I replied, “touch me again and I will make sure that I press charges for assault and battery.”  The person just looked at me with wide eyes (the same demonic presence that I had seen in other demonic presence before).  I wasn’t giving this demon permission to touch me, so he backed off and started to walk away to another person who was in the parking lot.  The other person told him to leave.  He was about to bother someone else, but I told him, “This is private property and you are trespassing.  You do not permission to be here.  Please leave.”  I did not give the demon permission to be here.  So, he left.  Once you know your authority and assert it, it is relatively easy to deal with the demonic.  He just left.

    My wife thought that a fight was going to break out between because of how the guy looked ready to punch someone.  But, once you know who you are dealing with, you can see through the lies that the father of lies have erected and tell the enemy to leave your presence in the same way that Jesus did.  It does not matter how intimidating his eyes may look or how scary and close to a fist fight you may be.  You know you have the authority.  You know who is the Master of the universe.  You should just calmly assert the authority that you inherited as co-heirs in the Kingdom of God.

    Copyright 2013 by Christenstein

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  • Please realize that while I’m posting this that I have just joined the Church (at the Easter Vigil)  but have been a follower of Jesus Christ for over 40yrs. Just so you know where I’m coming from.:)  You have a gift from the Lord to recognize the enemy. The questions I’m about to ask is not to be taken as accusatory but perhaps you just had not thought of this… Have you ever considered helping out one of these poor tormented souls before? You do know that you have the ability to cast out a demon from some one? It’s the same authority you just wrote about giving it limits. 

    Now this is not something I suggest to everyone. The Lord gives you the gift of discernment for a reason. And there is a lot to learn about dealing with them before you start. One is you have to keep a very close walk with the Lord. You have to be able to listen to Him for how to deal with them. Not every thing that looks like a demon is one- sometimes its a health issue, sometimes it a sin issue, sometimes it’s one or more demons or any combination of those.   Some only come out with fasting & prayer. Some will not leave at all because its human host is not willing for it to leave because they are benefiting from it in some way. These are just a couple of reasons why you need a close, quiet, & humble walk with the Lord. If you noticed, I mentioned the word “quiet” Before you even walk up to a person you know is in distress, you start silencing the demon, setting limits.Telling it that he will not cause any physical reactions to its host when leaving. This is not about Hollywood’s version of exorcism. If done correctly there will be no “show.” Which is what the enemy loves to work with. They actually feed on that.   
    Perhaps you would consider at least praying for the Lord to help that poor tormented soul?   Satan’s days are numbered, he knows this and is ramping things up. The Lord will use any who are willing to help in the battle.    
    I’ve given you a lot to think about. I’ve tried to present it lovingly, Let me know what you think. :)

  • @OldPathWalker@revelife - God bless you.  Blessed are the humble of heart, they are the ones who see God.  

  • @OldPathWalker@revelife - The spiritual works of mercy compels me to instruct the ignorant, which in this case is you.  Your reply to my post is riddled with false assumptions about me, about my person, about my experience, and further makes judgments about me that are unfounded.  This is not a really good way for you to start a friendship with anyone, nor is a great way to initialize the begins stages of contact with a person.  If you need instruction in demonology, I do not have the time to instruct you in such matters.  Note that you do not know the difference between demonic influence and demon possession, among the many other levels of influences that demons may have on human beings.  For example, you should note that demon may even attempt to tempt a person – that is another form of demonic influence.  My suggestion to you is learn about demonology and have more experience in that area before getting into a topic that is in and over your head.  I wish to no longer discuss this with you because you clearly do not have knowledge of the topic, clearly are not here to learn, and are not humble enough to open your eyes to learn from the experiences that the Lord has given to me.  Lastly, I question your sincerity mainly because your arrogance.  If you knew more than I did on the matter, knew the right questions to ask, and knew enough about it to ask questions about the situations and circumstances to truly instruct me, then I would have more receptive to you, but you did not.  Instead, you just throw textbook stuff at me without doing your homework, which reveals to me how sloppy you are.  Good luck you and to your endeavors with the demonic, you really need it.

  • @Christenstein -I’m really sorry you took what I said the way you did, I seriously meant it only for good. We all have our of days and I guess I also should have let you know, that you also know me under the name KateeLee1 from Xanga. I hope you will forgive me.  

  • I don’t know where you are based but I stay in Glendale. Around Los Angeles (skid row) there are a lot of lost souls. I try to only provide only non alcoholic drinks, food and maybe at times cigarette money to those addicted to drugs and alcohol. To do any more is just enabling their bad habits.

    There are a lot of Asians that do try to help the homeless. One Korean lady ministers to the homeless ladies. Another man used to use MacDonalds burgers as an incentive for the lost ones to listen to his sermons.

  • @OldPathWalker@revelife - After I said what I needed to say, I forgot all about what happened and had already moved on to other things and you should too.  Apparently, you had been holding onto this for about a month, letting demons wreak havoc to your mind and soul.  It seems you have issues (as secular people would put, but we who are spiritual people know better what the “issues” really mean).  It seems you need help.  I suggest you seek spiritual and/or some counseling.  Holding onto things for a month is not only unhealthy for you, but also a really good way for a demon to influence you.  I’ll be praying for you.

  • @PPhilip - Feeding the hungry is a great way to reach out to lost souls.  It is a corporal work of mercy.  Usually, I sit down with them and eat with them, getting to know them, and learning about their story.  Most of them are mentally ill or dealing with some sort of issue (being homeless, there are many issues).  I wonder if they will get health care with the new health care overhaul.  And even if they do, it would be a challenge for some of them to take medication on schedule.  We also have a well-known homeless facility here where they go to get a bed for the night, a shower, a new set of clothes, and the word of God.  

  • @Christenstein To be honest I had not thought much about and had moved on till I saw you’re name show up the other day in a post and felt prompted by the Lord to seek your forgiveness, which is a very Biblical thing to do. But thank you for your concern and prayers. 

  • @OldPathWalker@revelife - I see that you are still dwelling on the issue and have not yet moved on.  You are indeed an unhealthy individual.  Why are you digging something that is forgotten and not remembered?  Why are pointing to something that I don’t even remember?  As the evidence clearly shows, the problem and issue is with you, not with me.  There is no forgiveness to seek because there is nothing to remember.  Please do not dwell on this, it is very unhealthy for your soul.  Your reply to me indicates that you are still have an issue with it and haven’t had it resolved for you personally.  Please seek the Lord, seek spiritual guidance, and/or seek counseling.  

    On another note, if the Lord prompted you, would He prompt you based on a lie?  Is the Spirit a Spirit of Truth or a spirit of lies?  Who is the father of lies according to the Bible?  This is the reason why I had prophetically pointed out a month ago that you do not even know that demons can influence you through many different levels, such as temptation.  I have prophetically spoken to you with regards to your spiritual problem, prophetically pointed out what you need to do to get better, and please get yourself better, for your spiritual well being.  The Holy Spirit has spoken prophetically and what has come to pass has come to pass by the authority of the Almighty God.  Now, it is up to you to do what you need to do.  May God bless you.

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