July 11, 2013

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation

    Just a few days after my marriage was convalidated, there were attacks on me.  A few people started to bring up old issues, which were over two years old.  I had already forgotten these "issues".  And, I told them that.  I told them that I don't remember and I didn't.  I even talked to my counsel to try to understand what they were talking about.  I remembered, but vaguely and don't understand what the issue is.  I tried my best to understand them, but I don't.  It has been over two years.  And, in the end, after many discussions with my counsel, I concluded that it was in their best interest that I do not speak with them at all.  Apparently, they had dwelt on these issues for over two years and it had been eating away at their souls.  They needed help and a lot of it.  I am not the one to help them because I really do not know what I can do at this point.  My talking to them will only bring up the old feelings when the best thing for them to do is to move on and to forget - my meeting up with them is counterproductive.  Only Jesus can help them.  Only the sacrament of reconciliation can help them; only the Catholic Church can provide that.  I had already forgotten about it and for me to tell them that I forgive them would be a lie because I don't remember anything.  And, as a Christian, I cannot lie to them just to make them feel better - that's an illusion.  They maintain that I am not a Christian because I "obviously" hold a grudge, which makes no sense because I don't even remember anything.

    You see?  Christ Jesus, the Savior of mankind, in His infinite wisdom, for His creatures instituted the Sacrament of Reconciliation so when situations and circumstances like these occur, a Christian can seek and get forgiveness from Him, from Christ Himself instead of from man.  These Christians come seeking forgiveness from me for something that happened so long ago, something that I do not remember, something forgotten.  These Christians have turned me into their savior when I am not.  I had already moved on and they should have also.  The only way for them to receive forgiveness is through the Church, through the sacrament of reconciliation.

    In many ways, I do feel sorry for my protestant brothers and sisters.  Having misinterpreted the faith and not having full understanding of its consequences on their lives and their soul in real practice.  I pray that they will come to understand how their doctrine is causing destruction to their souls at this moment in time and there is really nothing I can do.  Only Jesus Christ and His Church can do what they seek and I pray they find the Church and that they find the sacraments for the sake of their souls.

    As for my soul, "It is well, it is well, with my soul...."

    And, to lie would make it not well with my soul....  happy

    Copyright 2013 by Christenstein

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  • I have to say, I don't understand the conflict.  Why can you not tell these people that just as God forgets sins when they are forgiven, since you have forgotten, you have obviously forgiven.  Peace.

  • Are you going to be blogging anywhere else if Xanga closes?

  • @JstNotherDay - That would be a lie.  I don't remember any of it in the literal sense.  I really don't know what they were talking about.  And to me, it's like they are making things up.  I don't want to participate in those kinds of activities, which is similar to gossip or speculation and isn't helpful to anyone.  Doesn't that make sense to you?

  • @musterion99 - I can't imagine blogging anywhere else at this point in time.  You see the two badges I have?  One is "true" and the other is "life."  I guess you may or may understand what that means, but it means something to/for me.  I will cross this bridge if and when I get there.  

  • @Christenstein - Are you aware of Xanga either closing or going to a pay to blog site?

  • Be encouraged! God speed, ~ Pete

    "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

  • If you don't remember what happened you can still tell those people that you have forgiven them.

    That you have no memory of the events is a sure sign of forgiveness. 

    The Bible says that when God forgives our sins that he forgets them.

  • @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove - I am not sure if the event ever happened because I do not remember.  You are forcing me to go against my conscience and I would appreciate it if you stopped.  I hope you understand the moral dilemma I am facing instead of telling me to do things that go against my conscience.  I have tried to explain this position a few different ways already.  How can I explain it to you in a way you can appreciate it?

  • @Christenstein - I'm not asking you to go against your conscience.  I am appealing to Scripture and reason.

    If you don't remember and your friends do, why not take their word for it and believe them?

    Your attitude and actions indicate that you think your friends are liars.

    If they are not liars then the only reasonable alternative is to believe them.  If you believe them, you must forgive them.

    If they are liars then they are sinning against you, and you must forgive them.

    Since we understand from the book of Genesis that God is reasonable, and he created us in his image, that means man is reasonable too.

    Reason says forgive.  If you don't forgive you are acting against reason and your own Godly human nature.

  • @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove - "Your attitude and actions indicate that you think your friends are liars."

    I do not think they are liars.  But I do appreciate your pointing fingers at me.  I have discussed this issues with two other people and they have told me, from their memories, what they remembered.  You see?  Two other people remember the incident also, but I still do not remember.  It has been over two  years, so it is reasonable that I have forgotten.  Here is the other cheek.  Please tell me what other assumptions you have about me, so that you and I know for what your perceptions of me are.  Father God, I pray for this person, I pray that you forgive them for this person does not know what they are doing.  They are just limited by their perceptions and their perceptions are flawed and forgive them and I pray that you forgive them, too.

    Yes, reason does say that we forgive them.  It is LOGICALLY that when someone forgives they forget.  So, if someone have forgotten, it is forgiven.  So, please tell me, what is the issue if something is forgotten?  Doesn't what is forgotten imply forgiveness?  And, if forgiveness is implied, then why are you and others still bringing up the past?  It seems to me that the parties having problems with forgiveness is not me.  It seems to me the parties having problems with forgiveness and having problems letting it go are the ones bringing it up.  Please stop.  I am moving on and you should to.  

  • @Christenstein - Remembering something has nothing whatsoever to do with forgiveness.

    Forgiveness is just going back to the way things were before hatred took over.

    If you don't remember anything than you are already in a state of forgiveness.

  • My prayer team and I prayed for this situation for over a week.  God Himself provided the confirmation that I forgot.  Here is a story from the news wires about a man with amnesia named Johan Ek (Ek means Oak in Swede - Is the name and timing a coincidence, that's for you to decide and discern.).  The point here is that people do forget and its the truth.  The story is published yesterday night - July 15, 2013.  Please think twice before anyone else here reads this and points another finger.  Thank you.  Link to Story on AP.

  • no pointing fingers from me....I came to thank you for your comment and concern for our friend Seedsowers husband.  I will say this, some people don't like to see you secure in your faith.  Don't worry with them.

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