September 4, 2013

  • Hello Xanga 2.0

    Hello Xanga 2.0! This is my first post on 2.0. I want to say hello to everyone who made it to the other side. Welcome! Glad you all made it. My blog looks the same. And, I am thrilled that I can still blog here and that most of you guys are still here. :-)

    How is Xanga 2.0 so far?

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  • Just figuring it out but I haven’t been off except to sleep since I got back on! LOve Xanga and am thrilled to see all of you back!
    YEA 2.0


  • Hi!

    • Hi, there! How are you rolling with Xanga 2.0?

  • I’m sad it’s not as easy as old xanga. I just hate change.. thankfully I have a WP account alreayd so I am a little familiar with it. Hoep to see more people write!

    • It just takes some time to adjust to change. Just give it a few months to see how you feel about it then.

  • It is an adjustment! There are some things that are cool, such as the speed, but then I miss the Universal Inbox and the private messages and things like that. Hopefully in a couple of months things will be better.

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