Month: June 2013

  • Another Encounter

    Last Friday night, my wife and I went to our church to start adoration, which just start for the first Fridays of each month.  She had been praying for adoration to start at our church for some time.  Adoration is a Catholic term for adoration the body of Christ, which we believe the bread to be truly the body of Christ because Jesus Himself says that it is.  

    When my wife and I left the church, a demonic influenced person came up to me right away, out of all the people who left the church at the same time.  Understand one thing, many people left the church at the same time that I did and this person came up to me (this is a common occurrence in my life, the ones influenced by the demons like to interact with me because they know I know.  It happens often in the Bible too, the ones influenced by demons come to Jesus and talk to Him.  It is no different here.  They recognize us and we recognize them.).

    The person came up to me right away and bothered me (and, yes, it is targeted).  The person told me his name, asked for my name, asked for money, followed me, repeated himself many times.  He started to mock my authority in Christ Jesus, knelt down to me, followed me on his knees through a public sidewalk into the private parking lot, and begged me for money.  He said, “Your bother needs help.  Your bother is needs money.”  I saw right through it all, the kneeling down was the demonic mocking the kingship of Christ Jesus and the brothers of Christ.  I sensed the presence of a demon.  Not to mention, he already acknowledged who I am and my authority in the spiritual realms.  I just tried to tell the person that he was thinking illogically and was repeating the same things again and again, but the person wasn’t paying attention to my logic.  An appeal to his human side was not working, so I had to address the demon, which wasn’t something I was planning on doing.  And, as illogical as he is, you will notice that he will respond to my placing boundaries on him or more accurately on the demon influencing him.

    When the person touched me, I replied, “touch me again and I will make sure that I press charges for assault and battery.”  The person just looked at me with wide eyes (the same demonic presence that I had seen in other demonic presence before).  I wasn’t giving this demon permission to touch me, so he backed off and started to walk away to another person who was in the parking lot.  The other person told him to leave.  He was about to bother someone else, but I told him, “This is private property and you are trespassing.  You do not permission to be here.  Please leave.”  I did not give the demon permission to be here.  So, he left.  Once you know your authority and assert it, it is relatively easy to deal with the demonic.  He just left.

    My wife thought that a fight was going to break out between because of how the guy looked ready to punch someone.  But, once you know who you are dealing with, you can see through the lies that the father of lies have erected and tell the enemy to leave your presence in the same way that Jesus did.  It does not matter how intimidating his eyes may look or how scary and close to a fist fight you may be.  You know you have the authority.  You know who is the Master of the universe.  You should just calmly assert the authority that you inherited as co-heirs in the Kingdom of God.

    Copyright 2013 by Christenstein